Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Andy Says the Sweetest Things

When I was in college, unmarried and childless, a friend of mine asked a rather sadistic question: “If you were shipwrecked with your family, and you could only save one person, would you save your husband or your kid?” 

Being the foolish young thing that I was, I answered that I would save my husband. After all, I reasoned, the two of us could always have another kid. 

I was an idiot.

Now, I do love my husband. He’s a great guy, and I love him dearly. But unfortunately for him, my Andy is about the sweetest thing you will ever meet. Plus, my husband can swim.

Here are just a few of the things Andy has told me lately that has guaranteed him a spot on the lifeboat:

1.      “You are the best mama I’ve ever seen!”
This is absolutely not true. I have proven in previous posts that I am definitely in the bottom percentile for good parenting skills. But he’s young and innocent, and we don’t get out much. So I’ll take it while I can get it. All too soon, he’ll head off to Pre-K and see what good moms actually look like. (For proof, read my previous post I Am Not the Best Mom)

2.      “Mama, you look so pretty!”
The only thing I had done to invoke this compliment was change out of pajamas and into regular clothes. And by regular clothes, I mean jeans and a tank top. But it makes it all the more endearing to me that he is so easily impressed. Again, I am sure these compliments will disappear when he goes to school and begins to notice that other moms actually wear outfits with honest-to-goodness shoes (not flip flops), and they do special things like brush their hair and put on make-up. 

3.      “You’re so sweet, Mama!”
I get this every time I agree to share my food with him. It’s pretty impressive that anyone can wrestle any food away from me when I am this pregnant, but when I know he’s going to give me that big, gap-toothed smile and tell me how sweet I am, how can I refuse? 

4.      “Dear God, Thank you for Mama, and Daddy, and Finnick, and Jo, and Mama, and Andy, and Mama!”
I made it onto the thankful list three times! THREE! Don’t think I failed to note that that’s two more times than any other family member. Because oh yes, I most certainly did. 

5.      “Mmm! Mama, this is so delicious!”
Sometimes, this is in response to a dinner that I slaved over. And sometimes, this is in response to lunch meat and cheese roll-ups and Ramen noodles. Either way, I will take it, especially when Finnick is busy chucking his on the floor or rubbing it in his hair. 

6.      “Shnank you, Mama! Shnank you!”
Translation: “Thank you, Mama! Thank you!”
My Andy is one of the most grateful people I have ever met. He says “thank you” for EVERYTHING, even things that I really can’t take credit for. For example, he recently thanked me when I told him that no, I didn’t think it was going to rain today. Obviously, I was not the one who made the decision to make the sun shine that day, but I certainly got credit for delivering the good news! And Andy says his thanks the way some people sneeze—always in groups of two. Combine that with his little boy speech impediment and my heart is effectively melted. 

7.      “I’m sorry I did that, Mama. I’m sorry.”
Another thing he always says in twos—his apologies. And they are always so filled with remorse that forgiveness is already given before he can get the second “sorry” out. Even our church nursery workers have noted that while, yes, he did smack someone in the face, and yes, he did steal some toys and push some kids down, and yes, he did dance on top of the snack table, he apologized SO SWEETLY. And I swear that sometimes on those bad days, the worker seems more upset about not being able to let him pick a prize out of the prize box than Andy does.

8.      “Mama, will you kiss it?”
I know that all kids think that kisses have magical, healing powers. But it still makes me feel special when Andy only wants MY kisses on his ouches. Dad’s kisses won’t do, nor will Grannie’s, or anyone else’s. Only MINE! (Although others’ kisses will do in pinch, if Mama is unavailable…) Earlier this week, the injury was on his hiney, but even then, I didn't complain! I was too busy feeling special about being the one kiss that he needed to feel all better.  

9. "I love you so much!"
Out of the blue, Andy made a play-doh sculpture for me the other day-- a Christmas tree! When we asked him why, he said it was just because he loves me. Then he sang one of the little jingles from Daniel Tiger, "Making something is one way to say 'I love you'." It just doesn't get any better than that.


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