Saturday, June 13, 2015

Don't Mess With the Mama!

Tonight at bedtime, my oldest was being a toot. Toot-ness isn’t at all unusual at the bedtime hour—it’s his all-time favorite way of stalling the inevitable. Tonight’s version: refusing to hug me good-night. Being the gracious and forgiving mother that I am, I decided to bless him with a bedtime story anyhow.

And this is how it went…

Once upon a time, there was a sweet mother who worked at a donut shop. And every day, when that sweet mama got off of work, she would bring home special treats for her wonderful little boys to eat, like donuts with sprinkles and chocolate frosting.

But that mama knew that her sons’ FAVORITE treat in the whole wide world was KOLACHES. So one Saturday morning, when Mama got off work, she wrapped up kolaches for her sweet boys to eat for breakfast on Sunday morning.

But that night, while she was tucking her boys into bed, one of the boys told that sweet, sweet mama, “I’m not gonna hug you tonight!”

Ooh, that mama was so sad! So after she finished saying good-night and giving kisses to those boys, she went into the kitchen. And THROUGH HER TEARS, she ate up one of the kolaches.

So the next morning, when the family got ready to eat breakfast, there were kolaches for Mama, and Daddy, and the baby, and the brother… BUT THERE WAS NO KOLACHE FOR THE BOY WHO WOULDN’T HUG HIS MAMA, because she was an emotional eater that had used his kolache as a salve to heal her sadness the night before.

And that little boy was so sad! And right then, he vowed to ALWAYS hug his mama before going to bed.


I got TWO hugs after that, AND a kiss.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done.