Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy Birthday, Andy!

Dear Andy,

Four years ago, your dad and I welcomed you into the world. At 9 pounds 5 ounces, you took the prize for biggest baby in the hospital nursery, but to us, you still seemed so tiny! From that day until now, you have brought so much joy to us. So for your 4th birthday, I thought I would list the Top 4 Reasons why you are my absolute, most favorite kid in the whole, wide world (shhh! Don’t tell your brothers!).

Reason #1: You have a GENEROUS HEART.
I have lost count of how many leaves, rocks, and stickers you have given me, but I have loved every single one. It makes me feel so special that you are always on the lookout for something beautiful you can give to me. 

Reason #2: You are an AMAZING BIG BROTHER.
I love hearing you tell your brothers that you love them and then watching you show it by sharing your toys, teaching them the rules (and sometimes how to break the rules…), and always being ready to snuggle up with them for a good show or a book. They both adore you, and that makes my heart smile. 

Reason #3: You can STAY IN CHARACTER for an indefinite amount of time.
I have so much fun hanging out with a real, live superhero (not the pretend one from TV!). All the day-to-day stuff we have to do takes on new life with you doing things like “zooming” through Kroger, freezing customers in the checkout line at Ross, and telling the hair salon to put you in the computer as “Batman”. I truly believe that sort of persistence is going to serve you well when you are older.

Reason #4: You CHALLENGE ME.
You are already asking me hard questions, and testing boundaries, and refusing to give in to my way. Sometimes, that drives me a little nuts. But most of the time, I am so thankful that you make me work at being a mom instead of just coasting through this time with you. You aren’t allowed to watch A League of Their Own yet, but one day we’ll sit down and watch it together, and I’ll point out the Tom Hanks speech where he says, “If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.” That’s how I feel about being your mom—it’s a hard job sometimes, but it’s the hard stuff that makes it so worthwhile.

Happy birthday, Batman. I love you 1,000 M&M’s. (We’ll watch that movie one day too!)
Love, Mama