Friday, May 30, 2014

An English Teacher's Pet Peeve

Users of Facebook, please take note: 

I understand that not everyone is an English major or a grammar nerd but surely everyone knows about periods and really even commas should be common knowledge after all punctuation is taught in elementary school middle school and high school but even worse is when a word gets tossed out that should have an apostrophe but doesnt get one so a  word like were becomes were and see you cant even tell the difference because now they look exactly the same even though one means we are and the other is the past tense of are before long the capital letters are replaced with all lowercase because really why should i bother capitalizing anything if im not going to use punctuation thats just silly and now that im not doing nething else rite i mite as well jus start m8king words shorter and jus type like i wuld text cuz that wuld save me lots of time 2 so u c that it dusnt take long 4 sum1 2 really bcum 


Seriously, are we all slowly morphing into giddy junior high girls? It doesn’t matter whether you have a doctorate from Harvard or if you dropped out of high school, could you please be proud of the education that you have received and USE IT?

I am a busy mom, and the small amount of time I spend on Facebook is my way of unwinding. It is meant to be a mindless, and therefore relaxing, activity. So when I have to spend 10 minutes deciphering a 3-line status update, it pretty much ruins the whole experience for me. If I had wanted to decipher things, I would have picked up an Agatha Christie novel and tried to figure out “whodunnit”.

If you are a street-talk, jive-talk, text typer, please don’t think I am judging you. I’m simply… well, yes. I am judging you. I am really sorry about that. Would you please brush up on your punctuation skills? It would really help me contain my judgmental tendencies.

Thank you.

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